Upgrade remotely without messing something up?

I'd like to install all newest upgrades / security patches on my Raspberry 3, running Mate 18.04.2
I can only do so via SSH at the moment. When logging in I get the message that 389 packages can be updated and there are 226 security updates.
apt-get update
only reads package lists and finishes without doing anything.
I remember that it said somewhere that manually upgrading might mess things up and you should use the Software Updater GUI thing, so I'm hesitant to use apt-get upgrade
What should I do to install the security updates / upgrades via SSH?

Thanks for your help.

use the command

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

I have never used the gui thing. I assume it issues the same command but if not, I can tell you this command is the safest way to do it as its interactive. I wouldnt trust the gui if it was automatic.


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