USB drive unmount

Hi to all!
When I use my USB pen drive I usually unmount it before removing it, so I open the window where I can see all the disk drives connected on my computer (in spanish is called “Equipo” I don’t know which is the english name), I right click on the USB drive icon and I click on the “Unmount” opcion (in spanish is “Expulsar”).
At this point I don’t get any visual or text info that confirm to me that the unmont has been successfully.
It should be nice to get any icon change or text message. Is it possible?

P.D.: I use Ubuntu Mate 16.04

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Need more context. How are you unmounting it again? From some file manager? I wouldn’t know where to look to find a “USB drive icon”, generally speaking.

If all else fails, you can always run gparted to find out what device-address has been assigned to your USB device, ctl/t for a command-line-terminal, then umount it that way. Note that the command to unmount is not unmount, it’s umount.

Hi crankypuss, thanks a lot for your answer, here a short video from my desktop to let you understand better what I said in my first post.
You can see that when I insert the usb drive a window pops-up and then I open the “equipo” window where you can see the usb drive icon.
Then I right click on the icon and I click on the “Expulsar” option, but after that nothing say me that the unmount is ok.
I don’t think that GParted is a good option just for unmounting a usb drive.

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You will notice that after “expulsar” the icon for the drive is dark. That’s the indication that it is no longer mounted. If you want further confirmation, run either of these in terminal:
If you like the gui, run Disks under “Accessories” menu.

The icon is dark because when you right click on every icon in every window that appears that way to indicate that the icon is selected or focused. Nothing to do with the mounted or unmounted state of the device.

I definitively can’t understand what is the problem in changing the icon in some way to confirm the operation. Gnome does it simply renaming the device, it deletes the label and leave only the generic name of the device.

In my opinion removing a USB Drive should be a quick operation, the user should not need to open a terminal or another GUI to confirm the operation.

So it is...Apologies, I made an assumption.
In testing this with my machine, I noticed that right clicking the drive in the left side panel in Caja and selecting "eject" causes the drive icon to disappear when it unmounts.

Removing a USB drive on my 16.04 desktop is a simple and easy operation.

System, Preferences, MATE Tweak, in the Desktop tab checkmark Show Desktop Icons and Mounted Volumes.

When a USB drive is inserted into a port, it appears on the desktop similar to this -

Right clicking on this desktop icon gives you a list of options, one of which is to Eject.

Click on Eject and the desktop icon disappears. You can then pull the USB drive out of its port socket. Quick, easy, painless.

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@ big_duck that’s true, I know, but I have many partitions on my disks and the usb drive goes out of the window. I know that is not a real problem, but for my wife and my 6 years old son it is a “problem” :wink:

@ mdooley it is right what you say, but on my pc I have more than 10 partitions and I definitively don’t want to fill up my desktop with the icons of all that partitions. Furthermore when I connect the external drive to manage my work data it should add 6 partitions more…

OK, I will do a conky that will help them to know if the usb has been umounted right.

Your pc could have those 10 partitions mounted automatically when you boot which would mean that they would not appear as icons on the desktop.

However connecting your external drive after booting up would give you icons representing the six partitions you say you have on an external drive. Things are never as simple as they first appear…

Good luck smurf.

I completely agree with you. From a user perspective, unmounting visually from the file manager should produce a notification message.

Now, the question:

Where is this request best placed — at the Caja Github repository?

I watched it several times, but found it difficult to read (poor vision i suppose) and kinda hard to follow since my espanish este mucho sucko.

I kinda got the impression that the device you’re trying to unmount is a cellphone? Bluetooth or USB connection? Just from the little i could make out, i’m thinking that maybe connecting via a USB cable might be a good test to see whether it’s bluetooth or something else. Linux bluetooth, at least within my limited experience, can be a little bit funky to get set up right, especially if your linux-box gets suspended, something about bluetooth-suspend-recovery is a little flakey imo.

How’d you make the video? Cellphone? I don’t know how to do all that stuff. I remember there’s a utility called something-or-other, “peek” or something (read about it here, or was reading here when i hallucinated it) that makes a video from screenshots, no time for the details of that, but it might be a real good thing for “somebody” to stick in the welcome-app and/or mate-control-center since it’s so diagnostically useful. :wink:

It is really difficult to find the balance between making things easy and making them hard, all the touchscreen stuff i have seen so far makes it hard by trying to make it easy… imo, others may find it easy to type on a teeny little keyboard where each letter is about 1/10 the size of a finger. The gnome touchscreen stuff available right now is every bit as good as the stuff on my ipad, imo.

Some… shall we call them… profit-oriented, some profit-oriented folks have given up on the idea of a linux cellphone. I most definitely have not. Unless i miss my guess the blackberry keyone will be the first place i deploy hoss because if the keyone is what i think it is, all it needs is the software to become a perfect hand-held computing device. Okay, i’m rambling again, i’m old, it happens.

I think this is a bug. The icon should disappear from ‘equipo’ like it does from the sidebar. You can’t mount it again after ejecting. Eject is really eject with udisks. So if you don’t physically eject it confusion arises.:scream:

I definitively agree with you.

Well I usually prefer to don’t use non official repos, so I don’t know how to use the Github repo, obviously I can learn it.
Otherwise I really don’t know where to place the upgrade, if you can do it, just tell where you place it and I’ll find. :wink:
THX a lot.

It is official alright. There are 164 issues open.
This one suits this thread maybe. They have implemented a notification when unmounting from the side bar. But they probably forgot about the ‘equipo’

probably they forgot it, as you say.
I hope they fix it soon.

If you want them to not forget about it and fix it soon, then better place a comment in the issue thread at :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ll do it.

I see that the problem has been fixed last march, now I’m using Caja 1.12.7 on Ubuntu Mate 16.04.
I asked for instruction about how to upgrade. Hope they will answer soon.
Thank you for the link.

If you are using synaptic maybe i can help. You would search for caja and then select the main caja package. Then using the app-menu, you would select package/force-version, IF it was not grayed out because there’s only one version in the repo.

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