USB memories are not correctly managed from the system

I use Mate on Ubuntu 18.04, kernel 5.0.0-32 HWE (I need this kernel for modern hardware recognition).
Well, I love Mate because is so easy, useful and free from heavy and useless gadget, but something is not still working 100 %. USB memory stick is one of this things.

  1. If I insert a usb memory and then I forget it inserted when I change account, there is no way to remount the memory stick nor on the newly opened account, nor on the previous account. I can remove and reinsert the usb, unmount it, nothing work: if I need to use the USB memory again the solution is to reboot (after removing the USB stick).

  2. If my desktop shows icons for devices I can right-click on the USB memory icon and then remove (or secure remove if is a FAT formatted stick) and I receive some messages in "notify-send" style saying "wait" and "ok for remove": very well.
    But the messages that appear on the top right corner of the screen are in english, regardless the locale settings.

  3. If my desktop doesn't show icons for devices I need to go to the "computer" window and there I find the USB stick icon. When I right-click on it I get the options "remove" or "secure remove", both choices produce no messages about operation in progress: there is no way to understand if the USB is removable or not.

Well, may be these are not crucial issues and we can survive and use the computers even without fixing them, but I swear it would be so nice that you fix them.

Many thanks for your great work.

all my usb storage devices runs well after i did: dd status=progress if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sd? bs=512. After it I managed (create partition) it using fdisk /dev/sd? and formated it using mkfs.


Hi eno2, I never said that I can't format the usb memories.
I was reporting other different problems with the usb memories.

I THINK you're mostly talking about

Have a look at that, and if so click the "affects me too" link so that the bug has a better chance of getting someone to actually fix it.

hello smurf!

...neither do I. I said that all my usb storage runs well after.... even problems link you typed.

but, that's ok!

Done, I attached my comment.
Thanks a lot.