USB ports automatically disabling after boot on 16.10

So I tried upgrading from 16.04 to 16.10 yesterday and ran into an issue where after about five minutes of start up, some of my USB devices would simply turn off. These seemed to effect only a few of the ports on my desktop as switching them around, others would work. I tried a couple of solutions I came across but none of them solved it. So then I attempted to do a fresh install of 16.10 but alas the same issue. I reverted back to a fresh install of 16.04 and everything is fine again.

I understand this is going to be difficult to troubleshoot since I’m no longer on 16.10 but I’ve not seen anyone mention this issue yet which is why I wanted to raise it. This is my main computer and having to get up to flip usb ports around is not something I want to constantly do.