USB printer not shown

Hey All,
my Samsung 1640 ML shows up automatically under Lubuntu 15.04 and 15.10 but not under Ubuntu Mate 15.10 nor 16.04.
When I reuse Lubuntu the printer still gets recognised again.
Any idea why Ubuntu Mate doesn’t show the USB printer ?
When clicking Add under Printers a wheel is spinning and only LPT #1 and Serial Port #1 appear.


do you have a USB cable attached to the printer or are you trying to to do it wire-less?. :smiley:

I am using a USB cable. Actually I used a few different ones so I could be certain the problem has nothing to do with the cable.

Have you checked the Samsung support pages for Linux drivers?:

I was already at this URL and saw only drivers for Windows/Mac.
Furthermore I like to point to the fact that with other Linuxes all works.
It must have something to do with these Ubuntu releases.
Anyway thanks for your input.

I have no idea if these will work as some are old links, it might give you and idea or two!: :smiley:

I hope it helps!. :smiley:

Hello Wolfman,

following your clues I downloaded the appropriate driver and the ML-1640 got recognised…but now Ubuntu Mate 16.04 continuously disables the printer. In other words under properties I can check ( enable ) but again and again Ubuntu Mate 16.04 turns it back off.

Any idea on this ?


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Hi @meandyesi,

I don’t really know as I don’t have a Samsung printer?, are you using a guest account?, have you done a full system update?: