USB strangenesses

I hope there are folks here who can guide me to resolve this...please ??

This is asking about (hopefully ??) comprehending & fixing the USB2 access on a box with a Biostar TA970 MB & Athlon FX4300 CPU, 16GB RAM.
The MB has its most recent/last BIOS version (I verified at their site).
It was running & doing everything fine under U/M 18.04.
I allowed it to do a version upgrade to 20.04.2, and then it got goofy.

My impression is that the USB bus needs to do some sort of resetting upon the removal of a USB stick each time...but it ain't doin' that step.

Mouse, KB & webcam are on USB2 as well, always left connected & work fine.

I did a bunch of searching & found lots of mention of USB troubles with this version, but no working solutions (yes, I searched here too, of course...).

Finally I tried adding a PCI card with 2 more ports & that allowed me to insert, 'safely remove' & repeat multiple times without the goofiness via those 2 added ports specifically.

Aside of all the above:

  • This is just aimed at making USB2 as reliable & functional as possible;
  • USB3 is not in use because even adding IOMMU = soft to GRUB didn't correct it and it is not needed for this box anyhow, so it is off in CMOS;
  • When the PC gets 'stuck' USB2-wise, Disk Mounter still shows that stick as present despite that it has already been pulled/ejected/removed;
  • Rebooting (most naturally) allows the goofy cycle to be repeated, but is very impractical for just needing to make use of several different sticks.
  • None of the info I ran across thus far via searching about resetting the USB bus was any help in this matter.

Perhaps there are some members here who know what I may do to make this better - I hope ?!?


Hello computerguy

You may find the command line software "nmon" helps you understand the status of your usb storage devices:

I use it before I attempt to remove any usb-connected storage device. If you cannot find a solution, at least the information provided by "nmon" might help to make removal safer. :slightly_smiling_face:

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