USB Video Capture

I am looking for a usb video capture device that will work with MATE to record some old footage from a VHS recorder. Can anyone point me in the right direction to source a product (if there is one) to achieve this. I`ve had a look around and as always there appears to be a few but they will only work with Windows/Mac.

I use an inexpensive Video Capture dongle. It makes no mention of Windows or Mac, just an HDMI to USB "adapter". Plug in the HDMI output from your device and plug the other end into a USB port. It shows as a web cam.

Box doesn't have a brand name or anything. I bought it off Amazon several years ago for about $20.

Thanks, unfortunately I only have a Scart/RCA outputs on my VHS recorder

You mentioned you were able to source RCA to something but they were advertised as Win/Mac only?

Do you know why? If it terminates as USB, I would think that it should work with MATE.

Another option that I've used in the past involves a camcorder. They had the function to take RCA and translate that to firewire. I used an old copy of Ubuntu (14.04) and an old Pentium 4 machine that had a firewire port. It worked with an old video capture program that had the Windows98 feel to it.

Anyway, best of luck.

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I think your camcorder route sounds like the way forward, I have a tv with a scart input and a HDMI output so I will try to source a decent HDMI device and give it a try. Thanks for your thoughts, much appreciated

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