Use Clonezilla from a 2nd drive


I use Clonezilla from a pen drive.

I have a 2nd hard drive with 2 partitions.

Can I install Clonezilla to one of those partitions and then boot to it instead of using the pendrive?


If you mean the Clonezilla Live distro, I see no reason why you would not be able to do that. It's built on a Debian base. Any other Debian derivative can be installed as a second OS. So, Grub (on your existing OS) should pick it up and display it as an option at bootup.


I can not figure how to install Clonezilla (clonezilla-live-2.5.0-5-amd64.iso) to my second drive ?

I tried k3b and guidos.


I found this.

* [Clonezilla Live]( 
Clonezilla live allows you to use    
 CD/DVD          or USB flash drive to boot and run clonezilla (Unicast only)

I guess that means I can not install to a hard drive ?


See an earlier post of mine on a similar subject. - Boot a live CD iso on your hard drive using GRUB2 I use Clonezilla under the Parted Magic grub boot. Good luck Andy.


the debian installer (aka d-i) is mainly just copying the contents onto the disk and making an upgrade (if im right; and add a user and config keyboard and locale) i think only the squashfs is needed to be extracted, but id give it a fast search like extract debian installer or install debian manually (probably this latter gets false positives) however basically u only need a gpt header (most likely done by whatever current install, this is like mbr, just for uefi, and for handling the efi partition, but gparted can do the trick in case of need, however note that this is not for machines older than ~10yrs) an efi partition for booting (in case of using uefi), a config there for grub or whatever bootloader, and then simply the fs from the cd

otoh start with (installing? +)running d-i