Use Nemo instead of Caja

Tidied up the top section of the guide, made typo corrections and modified this guide to account for the fact nemo lacks any significant autorun functions, forcing users to continue keeping caja running in the background.

Just so that people don’t have to scroll through the OP just for the advice, I mentioned before that users should do this;
gsettings set org.mate.session.required-components filemanager 'nemo -n'

Seriously don’t do it. Since I have a feeling lots of users had, this should be done to restore it;
gsettings set org.mate.session.required-components filemanager caja

And as for the desktop icons in caja being hid, that preference can also be set in mate-tweak under the Desktop category if doing it with gsettings isn’t of preference.

Old news is new once again; It appears after some browsing on the interwebs, the latest version of Nemo removed desktop compositing? I am not sure about it entirely myself but the version of Nemo provided by webupd8team for Zesty doesn’t render all that well, so Zesty users will have to stick with the version prior for Yakkety until then. Updated OP with instructions. everything is broken and I don’t know why. :frowning2:

Added instructions for Cosmic! And… it works! Yet to test Compiz support, gonna get crackin’ on that right now by seeing if it plays nice with Scott’s repo.

(It only took a couple years sans change getting around to it…)

It’s still broken nevermind. But hey! You can still use Nemo with Marco and Compton.

I use & prefer to keep U/M 18.04.5 .
I can tolerate Caja, but really do prefer Nemo & want it to just open instead by default.

Tried setting Nemo to default using 'Preferred Applications' and it did...nothing.

So, I searched here & found this thread, but what it says leaves me uncertain of what may or may not work other than just starting Nemo itself directly.

The related thread about its preview:

Is also a bit discouraging.

Wider searching brought these maybe pertinent results:

Which I'll not touch as they may or may not be the 'fix' which I desire.

Will someone please update this thread with confirmation of what actually does or will not work for this ??

Thanks for any helpful replies !!!