For Nemo users; How to install Nemo Preview (broken, help!)

This is broken, And I don’t know why! If a kind soul wants to figure this out, I’ll have your credit replacing this text.

Pre-requisite: Use Nemo instead of Caja

Nemo Preview is a neat extension that is presently exclusive to the CInnamon desktop environment, but it is neat in what ti does; Nemo Preview allows you to preview audio, pictures and other things in a larger view window that can be opened and closed by pressing on the space bar.

While thie functionality is broken outside of Linux Mint (presumably without the full Cinnamon desktop installed), you can still install it doing the following;

After this, nemo-preview should be installed. You can then do this in Run Application: sh -c 'nemo -q && nemo -n'

…Though, it doesn’t work. Press the space bar on anything and wait a few minutes; you’ll see it’s broken. I really want people to have this feature from the Cinnamon desktop, so if anybody wants to try making it work, leave prposed solutions here!

Update: Tested with just installing Nemo from Ubuntu’s repos (with Cinnamon deps) and it fails.