Use Nemo instead of Caja

What is Nemo? The quick searching I did makes me think it’s similar to the (sadly) defunct nautilus-elementary that I used to swear by on my netbook, but I’m really not finding anything about it. What makes it better than Caja? What are its features? Is it just a patched version of Nautilus or Files or whatever they’re calling it now?

Nemo is the file manager used in the Cinnamon desktop (used in Linux Mint). It's basically a later fork of Nautilus before they started stripping features from it. Just like Caja is a Nautilus fork, but I think Caja is earlier (more within GNOME 2's times)

It's visually similar, some slight differences between them - like Nemo is GTK 3, Caja is GTK 2.

Screenshot under my current theme (Ambiance-Colours-Aqua):

It's got some more compress options, customization of the toolbar, shows usage on devices, file copy queue and probably some other things.

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Looks good, I’ll have to give it a shot and see if I like it.

Because you have to replace what’s used when xdg-open is executed, I believe. In my Ubuntu MATE install, everything opens Nemo no matter what unless specified to open caja.

Also, the formatting of my post here seems really weird. That, or something in Firefox for Windows is having a really bad day.

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[quote=“tiox, post:8, topic:4124, full:true”]something in Firefox for Windows is having a really bad day.

Have you given Pale Moon Browser a look?

EDIT: How can I get my desktop icons back?

Probably far out of date in response, but you can get your desktop icons “back” by executing either caja or nemo. If you are talking about specific icons you had as part and parcel of caja, then you’ll need to visit dconf-editor and look under org.nemo.desktop. If you only need gsettings strings, all of these are booleen;
org.nemo.desktop show-desktop-icons (necessary for the below)
org.nemo.desktop computer-icon-visible org.nemo.desktop home-icon-visible org.nemo.desktop network-icon-visible org.nemo.desktop trash-icon-visible
org.nemo.desktop volumes-visible (Mounted devices)

Also, my issues have something to do with the website. My size tags no longer work in the OP.
[size=20]This should be size 20, but it isn’t.[/size]

webupd8’s PPA no longer gives me problems! After upgrading to Xenial, I looked again and to my amazement, Compiz no longer acts stupid with it.

So this means you can trust the webupd8 PPA again to cause no issues.

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I never, ever cared for bookmarks. But then it occurred to me; other people might. So I figured out how to make bookmarks display in both caja and nemo, with the beneficial side-effect of having them also show in Places menus, for whatever you use which relies on ~/.gtk-bookmarks.

So if you thought the bookmark functionality was broken, is actually is, but it’s an easy fix. Also applied further corrections, and added some brief information regarding other stuff that was posted here, which was woefully missing when I thought I was finished the other sixteen times around.

Thanks for the updates, am now using Nemo with all my preferred settings.

People like you are the reason why I do this. Since you’ve committed to following my instructions, were there any issues you encountered?

Just wanted to say, you can do this for dolphin too, just skip the PPA stuff, installing Dolphin from Ubuntu’s repos and use com.kde.dolphin.desktop instead of nemo-folder-handler.desktop

I was going to write a separate guide on this, when I noticed using Dolphin in a live session, the terminal would spit out a crapload of errors. Aside from installing the oxygen theme, would anyone happen to know some work-arounds for all the errors and crap that dolphin produces when used outside of KDE?

The xdg-mime command also needs application/x-mate-saved-search for saved searches made in caja to open (perhaps?) and it’s missing from the xdg-mime command. Shame I couldn’t, you know, edit this topic since after sixty days the topic is locked and needs to become wikified to become further editable; What the actual stupid $#%! is that about?

I’ve changed your first post into a wiki post so you can edit it. (Kindly request or tell us in #meta )

It’s the default setting, I’ll see what the other moderators think to abolishing the 2 month edit limit. I suppose it’s there as a safety precaution, but it is inconvenient for tutorials and guides.

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Modified OP to be more explicit, with more terminal commands and with more information about the desktop background image.

This is stupid; I’ve noticed I could not follow the same instruction set for Xenial because I encountered errors due to Webupd8 not adding Yakkety support for their PPA.

Maine in the coming months they might do it, but people don’t have time for that so I included instructions to use the Xenial packages in Yakkety. It’s a bit of a faff since you need to also lock the version but I will update this the moment I see Yakkety support in the PPA.

Added information about upgrade paths for users coming from Wily (should there be any), who upgrade to either Xenial or Yakkety, instructions for Yakkety users with a fresh install, attribution of sources for Nemo 3.x and touched up the formatting.


Tidied up the top section of the guide, made typo corrections and modified this guide to account for the fact nemo lacks any significant autorun functions, forcing users to continue keeping caja running in the background.

Just so that people don’t have to scroll through the OP just for the advice, I mentioned before that users should do this;
gsettings set org.mate.session.required-components filemanager 'nemo -n'

Seriously don’t do it. Since I have a feeling lots of users had, this should be done to restore it;
gsettings set org.mate.session.required-components filemanager caja

And as for the desktop icons in caja being hid, that preference can also be set in mate-tweak under the Desktop category if doing it with gsettings isn’t of preference.

Old news is new once again; It appears after some browsing on the interwebs, the latest version of Nemo removed desktop compositing? I am not sure about it entirely myself but the version of Nemo provided by webupd8team for Zesty doesn’t render all that well, so Zesty users will have to stick with the version prior for Yakkety until then. Updated OP with instructions. everything is broken and I don’t know why. :frowning2:

Added instructions for Cosmic! And… it works! Yet to test Compiz support, gonna get crackin’ on that right now by seeing if it plays nice with Scott’s repo.

(It only took a couple years sans change getting around to it…)

It’s still broken nevermind. But hey! You can still use Nemo with Marco and Compton.

I use & prefer to keep U/M 18.04.5 .
I can tolerate Caja, but really do prefer Nemo & want it to just open instead by default.

Tried setting Nemo to default using 'Preferred Applications' and it did...nothing.

So, I searched here & found this thread, but what it says leaves me uncertain of what may or may not work other than just starting Nemo itself directly.

The related thread about its preview:

Is also a bit discouraging.

Wider searching brought these maybe pertinent results:

Which I'll not touch as they may or may not be the 'fix' which I desire.

Will someone please update this thread with confirmation of what actually does or will not work for this ??

Thanks for any helpful replies !!!