Using External Monitor with Integrated Graphics

I have Mate installed on a Lenovo P1 with hybrid graphics. I only need my GPU when using Windows (I'm using a dual boot setup). While I was trying to hook up my monitor while on Intel, I wasn't getting a signal. While troubleshooting, it didn't start working until I switched back to Nvidia and restarted my laptop. Does anyone know how I can use my external monitor while on integrated graphics?

I have a Lenovo P50 and I find myself having issues with external monitors when using the Intel drivers. Both nvidia and nouveau work well.

Also I get different results when plugging straight into the laptop vs using different ports from my dock, using nvidia works consistently well, though.

This is on Fedora 30, but I suspect this would behave similarly in any other distro.

What exactly do I do with this? Does it auto configure for you or is there something you have to do on your end?