Using GParted suppresses partitions under Places

I was talking to an associate and trying to get him to mount one of his partitions by using the Places drop down menu. Because he had GParted up and running, he could not see any of the other labeled partitions on his system.

Is this behavior by design or is it a byproduct of the GParted software?

On purpose or accidental? Just curious…

It will be on purpose, I would have thought. The places menu allows one to navigate the contents of partitions. Gparted edits partitions. That is to say, said partitions are in a potential state of flux when Gparted is open. Therefore, all other system operations on partitions (including the navigation of them via caja) will be suppressed while using Gparted.

I guess that this behavior is due to Caja, not GParted and probably has something to do with Caja refresh which appears to be an action one has to do on purpose. And Caja is an integral part of the MATE desktop.

Anyway, your explanation is logical and answers my question. Thanks Steve.

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