Using touchpad twice and left mouse scrolls to top of the page

So Im experiencing this weird issue with Ubuntu Mate. If I use the touchpad to scroll twice and then use left mouse it will scroll back to the top of the screen.

im using 16.10 and have done update+upgrade and restarted and the issue persists.
scroll down twice + mouseclick = top of page.


This only happens in Chromium and Opera. It does not happen when I try Firefox.

Hi @GumAcacia,

if you are using 16.10 please don’t forget that it is a development version!. :thumbsup:

Have you checked out launchpad for bugs?:

Edit: Moved to Ubuntu mate 16.10 Yakkety Dev section!. :smiley:

As @wolfman stated 16.10 is in Alpha mode now, I would not recommend it for use on a daily basis.