Various Colours for Default Theme and Icons



Would it be worthwhile considering the addition of various different colour schemes for the default Ambience theme and icons? There used to be a community-developed theme set with various Ambience colours, but it does not support GTK 3.28 (I don’t believe it supports much above 3.18 or 3.20). I have assisted numerous users in installing and setting up Ubuntu MATE as their new operating system and many of them like the theming, but don’t care much for the green highlights and icons.


As much as I would love to tweak my colors easily, the move to the newer GTK3 eliminated the concept of custom colors in themes. GTK3 is wonderful on many areas, but it removes a bunch of “legacy” things that MATE relied on.

As it stands, if we want a version of Ambient-MATE in a different color, we would need to create it as a completely separate theme…


Ah, that’s understandable. I assume that is probably something that is considered best left to the broader community then? It seems that, in theory, it wouldn’t be difficult to modify the existing theme code to incorporate different colours, yet that isn’t something I see much of in terms of community themes.


Yes. I’ve seen people (even in this same forum) clone a theme and just change one or two of the colors. People certainly do that, and sometimes all it takes is a search-and-replace approach.


That makes sense. Thanks!


Just an FYI, I ended up duplicating the Ambience-MATE theme and editing its configuration and assets to create a Teal version of it I’d recommend using the Vibrancy icons (Teal-Full-Dark variant) with it. Just curious if or how well the theme works for others. :slight_smile:


There is a trick if you want to save some space on your disk; You can purpose symbolic links for themes with a lot of things that otherwise are duplicates, which can save a fair bit of space over time.


Thanks for the tip. I’ll keep that in mind.