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If you want to have a USB stick with multiple bootable ISOs that can also hold any other files you wish, this is the way to go.

Firstly, once your USB drive is configured, it functions as any other USB drive for adding or removing files or folders.

Secondly, you can add or delete ISO files from any computer without having to run any program whatsoever.

UEFI and legacy boot compatible.

I have tried and tested this with all the most recent Ubuntu flavours/flavors including the GG Alphas.

Add any ISO by copy and paste from your file manager or delete one with your file manager.

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You forgot the link :joy:


i noticed as soon as i posted
duh to me


Also I agree with your assessment of the software. It's been working good for me in testing.

A bonus is that you can update it w/o having to lose the iso's on the USB.

Now to see if it will work on an external usb connected ssd drive.

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A moment ago, I thought that the URL did not load. Actually, it doesn't load when connected to my VPN but does if I disconnect from my VPN.

For some reason, NordVPN blocks that site.