Videos Always Micro-Shutter

Hello, I would like to begin with saying that I'm still somewhat new to Linux. I've discovered this issue about a year ago since then still haven't found a solution.
My Problem: Videos (be it local video, streaming on VLC or other apps or watching on any browsers) have a micro-shutter that happens randomly sometimes doesn't happen for 5 mins, sometimes happen 3 times in a minute or so. It affects both sound and video. Games also feel laggy. In windows 10 I don't have this issue even with 2015 drivers.
Distros and DEs I have tried so far: Linux Mint with Cinnamon and MATE, Ubuntu, Ubuntu MATE, Lubuntu, Arch with MATE, Manjoro with KDE and MATE, Debian both Strech and Buster.
Thing that I have tried so far:

  • Forcing Chromium to use Hardware acceleration and using h264ify.
  • Forcing Governer to use only performance mode.
  • Creating Intel profile under x11 config.d
  • Increasing minimum CPU frequency.
  • Downloading all the codecs I can find.
  • Changing VLC renderer and messing with options.
  • Changing compositor settings.
  • Trying to watch something while the computer under load.
  • and some other things I don't remember.

I'm using a laptop that has Intel Pentium 2020M with HD4000 integrated graphics.
I just want to use Linux really any distro any DE I don't really mind but this issue is really problematic for me 'cause I watch a lot of things.
The reason I have opened this topic here is that I still have Ubuntu MATE installed and I want to use it if I can solve this.
Thanks in advance for any help.

Using Nvidia hardware/drivers I've found that going to Tools > Preferences > Video and changing video output to VDPAU completely eliminates any tearing/stuttering. Not too sure how this solution would work running an Intel iGPU though...

I did tried that but it didn't work at all I tried all the options there. But thanks for the reply anyway.