Videos won't play?

Hi, when attempting to play a video using the command line tool all I get is the text: "have a nice day" ?

Am I doing something wrong ? I have also tried playing the video using the OMXPlayer GUI but only the gui opens with no video in it....


Did you install the following package (Ctrl + Alt + t):

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras

Hi, yes I did but still no luck…

Is it a problem with a particular video ?
Did you try to read another’s videos with omxplayer ? Does it work ?

Other videos also do not work…Just says “have a nice day :)”…

It is strange, omxplayer works out the box.
You can try to build ffplay with hardware acceleration and try with it, I did a tutorial there : [Tutorial] - Build (or download) FFmpeg/libavcodec with MMAL support (hardware acceleration video decoding)
Give me feedback if you try.

I had my hopes up for omxplayer since I was really looking for a GUI…I don’t even know what that error means exactly…

I manage to build vlc with hardware acceleration (OPENMAX IL)
I just publish my tutorial : [Tutorial] - Build (or download) VLC with hardware acceleration video decoding [OPENMAX-IL]
Maybe you can try it you will have an gui better than ffplay :wink:

What parts of the guide should I follow ? Because you added the line sudo make install…?

Follow the first post of the topic I updated it :wink:

So I must also run the command:

“sudo make install” after “./compile” ?

If you want VLC actually installed, yes you need to run sudo make install. If you don’t want VLC installed, then you can skip sudo make install, but then you have to run it from command line, or create your own menu item for it. So running sudo make install if probably what you want.

But vlc is already installed ?

Not until you sudo make install, unless you have the pre-compiled version that doesn’t have hardware support. If you have the old version of VLC installed, sudo make install will replace it with the new version that you just built.

Vlc is included in Ubuntu mate for the pi2…I guess I’ll replace it then…

@aworan @Brian_Millham

Alright so I tried it out and here's my thoughts....

On the positive side, some of my videos (codec shown in original post) now work fine with VLC.

On the negative side:

  1. I have no problem with fullscreen however there are no video controls whatsoever which for me completely defeats what I wanted to do. (I can play these videos natively on my smart TV however my TV cannot skip ahead hence why I need a GUI with easy to use controls for the family).

  2. My other videos don't show any picture (not even the first frame), codec shown below:

  3. There are now VLC files all over my user folder (Can I delete them??) as well as a VLC folder in there. Originally VLC is in another program folder along with all the other programs keeping my user folder neat.

4) I have lost nearly 1GB of space !!!!

Is there anyway to revert the changes made as unfortunately the benefit of being able to only play and not easily control some videos (which my TV can already do) is not worth losing such a large amount of space.....??

You can

sudo make uninstall

to remove the new version. You would then have to

sudo apt-get install vlc

to install the official version again.

You can remove the vlc stuff from your home if you wish. If you will still want to experiment (if improvements are made to VLC) you might want to leave the vlc source around so you don’t have to download it again.

  1. there is no another solution for now.
    We can do better vlc or MPV with GUI when the kernel 4.4 will be out for pi with opengl driver.
    I think I can manage MPV with smplayer or bomi when it will be avaible.
    I think the best is use ffplay with hardware acceleration and use the shortcut keys until.
  2. I think there is a problem with your videos files. Are you sure they work on another x86 computer with vlc ?
  3. you can delete the files after sudo make install but
  4. if you want to revert sudo apt-get vlc


  1. So no chance of controls now ? Very pity that OMXPlayer not working for me as I believe GUI for OMXPlayer has controls and hardware acceleration :confounded:

  2. Video files no problem; Even plays natively on Windows 10 X86. But on pi2 no fullscreen window appears (no video/picture).

3 and 4) Sorry can you confirm how to fully uninstall this new VLC and return to normal version ? How to uninstall and get rid of all new files (locations?)…thanks

  1. The GUI for OMXPlayer works just like VLC does, the video goes to full screen with no control overlay.

  2. Don’t know what to tell you. VLC has played everything I’ve tested so far, but I haven’t done real extensive testing yet.

  3. From the vlc source directory

    make clean
    Will get rid of everything but the source files. To get rid of the source just delete the source folder using the File Manager.

To re-install VLC,

sudo apt-get install --reinstall vlc

(You may not need the --reinstall option)