VirtualBox 5.1.30 + Global Menu Hangs (Mutinity)


I have fresh installed Ubuntu MATE 17.10. Mostly all stuff works smoothly, but with VirtualBox I have annoying issue.

VirtualBox manager Global Menu works OK, no problems. However if I start VM and I try to access Global Menu on top bar it doesn’t do anything. I can see all the menus, but not open. ( I try to insert Guest tools via Global menu).

This also breaks the Top menu bar where Sound, Bluetooth, Battery… ect. I can see the icons, but not able to click. Its just “Hanged/Freezed”.

  1. How could I restart Mate (Or Bars) so that I can recover from this without rebootin whole system
  2. What I could do to troubleshoot this issue? Normally when something crash I can automatically create a Bug report (This is awesome feature!)
  3. Any workaround what I could try? Even Dirty ones will do… :slight_smile:

Thank you.

I have same or similar issue in 16.04 all updated, regular layout.

I can click once on some item on top panel and it works, but If I want to click again it doesn’t… Like I can mute sound but not change volume bar while virtual box is open.

If I minimize Virtual box then things I clicked shows up and everything works fine.

This is an annoying issue, however to restore mate panel to working condition without rebooting:

setsid mate-panel --replace