VIrtualbox does not work on my lenovo (Ubuntu mate 22.04)

I have several Lenovos. I have used them without problems up to Ubuntu Mate 20;04 lts.
A few days ago I upgraded my Ubuntu Mate 20.04 lts to 22.04 lts, following the announcement on "Software & Update".

My Ubuntu mate became 22.04lts. But I had a problem. Virtualbox does not work on Lenovo X201, while it works without problem as before on Lenovo x220.

I hope that on X201 too, Virtualbox will work as before.

Please let me know the cause of this difference and the way fix to Virtualbox on x201.

Virtualbox on my lenovo x201 gave this error message :

So, by a search engine I looked for sites treating this error message.
I found a page, key to the problem.
(The page is : " • View topic - Linux VM doesn't load on Windows 10 with VERR_CPUM_INCOMPATIBLE_XSAVE_COMP_MASK" )
I quote the solution there : «Right click the VM in the manager and discard the saved state.»
Now VirtualBox is OK on x201 as well as on x220.

I was wrong.
Virtualbox on jammy of Lenovo x201 seemed to work well, but I was wrong.
I cannot save the working stage of OS on Virtualbox.

I restored focal by using a backup file I made several days ago.
With focal I have no problem. It is very nice.
So I will stay with focal for some time without going to jammy for my lenovo x201.
( X220 lenovo is OK with Jammy. )

If jammy continues to have bugs, I may go to another distribution some day for my x201.

My previous articles reported that on "my" Lenovo x201 Virtualbox did not work on Ubuntu Mate 22.04 lts.
So I tried clean install of this news version by using a bootabe USB stick.
Install seemed to have been completed safely.
Before trying to see how VirtualBox would work, however, I had to use Synaptic package manager
to get applications for a new installation.
To my surprise, each time on starting Synaptic, I was taken back to log-in page....

Now I know that for my lenovo x201 I could not install the new version whether by clean-install or upgrading from 20.04 lts.
I was forced to downgrade (or backgrade) the machine to 20.04 lts.

I am wondering what new distribution I will look for for x201 of mine.

I love pop!_os 22.04 on my thinkpad x1 extreme gen2. It does not come with mate though, just cosmic, which basicly is a lot of gnome.

And it does come with the ubuntu repositories mirrored on their own servers, flatpak installed by default while not enforced like snap on ubuntu... Fingerprint works too and no problems with firmware upgrades by fwupdmgr noticed either.

PS.It is not that you might want to stay on ubuntu-mate if you can get virtualizing to work on gnome-boxes or virt-manager?

Hi, mvvvpx101,
Thank you for your suggestion.

To me (more exactly to my lenovo x201), the case of VirtualBox is one of malfunctions with UM 22.04lts.
Bugs coming from this new version are, even if not so many,very significant to continuation of my use of UM. (I appreciate the previous lts version, 20.04. It has brought almost no troubles so far to my x201 or other machines .)

I am thinking to look for another distro just for my x201 ( X220 works well with 22.04 lts).