Virtualbox monitor help

New to mate.
I installed ver 14.02 in a virtual box.
I can not get the screen resolution to change from 640x480.
I have virtual box extentions installed and working on other linux flavors.
I was able to install all updates, but still no luck.
I also did the sudo get install virtual box x11.
How do I get this fixed or working? 640x480 just not cutting it, can not even scroll through a lot of boxes.


Just to confirm:

  1. Have you installed the extension pack?

  2. Have you installed the guest additions?

  3. Have you added yourself the the virtualbox user group?

As stated in OP yes to 1 and 2
am not sure about 3, is there a virtualbax group on here?
Win10 x32, win 10x64, ubuntu 15.04 elementary x64, kurora and linux mint all work fine.
Ubuntu Mate is the only one that will not change screen resolution.

No, the virtualbox group on your system

As in:

sudo adduser username vboxusers

Where “username” is your actual username you use to log in with

So, mine, for example, would be:

sudo adduser stephen vboxusers

Or, alternatively, you can add yourself to the virtualbox user group graphically by:

  1. searching for “users and groups”. I think you may find it in the system menu

  2. Press manage groups button.

  3. Scroll down to vboxusers line, highlight it and press the properties button.

  4. Check the box next to the users name you wish to add and press OK.

  5. Enter your password when prompted and close/OK your way back out.

You’ll likely need to logout or reboot for the changes to take effect using either method.

Have you installed dkms in the guest?

sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-dkms