VirtualBox not working in 21.04

Pleas can you help. Re-installed 21.04 and VirtualBox but can't get any OS to fire up.

VirtualBox not working on my laptop either, so gone back to gnome-boxes

Virtualbox is working for me under 21.04 so it's not the new version that has broken things.

Are you getting any error messages? Can you, for example, install a new OS in Virtualbox?

Thank you Harry. No, can't install any new os in VirtualBox on either Laptop or PC. I did take a screenshot....Thanks for your help

Those screenshots are great, thank you.

I haven't had this issue myself but it looks like someone did have this same error previously using Ubuntu with a Windows virtual machine. I cannot guarantee how this works as I have not had this error myself but this post on the VirtualBox forum may well help.

Good luck.