VirtualBox shared folder with Win10 host

I have installed Ubuntu Mate 16.04 and running it on Virtual Box on Windows 10 host.
During the installation I had set up a “Shared folder” on one of my Windows drive to share files between both the OS.
I am not able to access it from Ubuntu. The folder does not even show up.
Can you please suggest a way? Am I doing something wrong ?
(BTW I have not installed the extension - do I need to do that?)

I guess Steve is not available so maybe I can help. I run linux host and guest, should be the same.

@alpinejohn responded to your other post. Did you add vboxsf?

If you have it added go to (guest) /media and it should be there. From here you can just symlink it to your home folder and your done.

You will read everywhere to create a shared folder in your host/home directory and of course this works just fine. But I instead just share host/home and use it in place of a created shared folder. This gives the guest access to everything. Pictures, videos, downloads and so on.

I suppose you been here, but to be sure:

Ok, your turn. Fire away :slight_smile:

I overlooked that, yes please do.