Virtualbox window size of a VM cannot be changed

Hi Everyone,
after upgrade from Ubuntu-MATE 16.04 to 18.04
i can’t change the window size of VM’s, only the default size window of the VM maximize to full screen,

i have tried to uninstall virtualbox and install it again, no good the thing.

any suggestions ?


I am experiencing what appears to be the same issue with virtualbox and UM 18.04. Did you ever find a solution?

No still have this problem

Have you installed the VirtualBox Guest Additions?


After your recent note, I tried again to make vm window resizing work. I eventually succeeded. Here’s what I did; perhaps it will help you.

First, my environment (the host) is a system 76 wild dog pro with nvidia graphics (proprietary driver). I have just installed ubuntu mate 18.04 (64-bit). I installed virtualbox 5.2 from the repository. I downloaded a standard Ubuntu (gnome) 18.10 ISO and used virtual box to create a virtual machine for the 18.10 release. Here’s what I did that led to success.

First, I followed the instructions for installing virtualbox guest additions per the notes here.

I did not configure file sharing, but I did restart the virtual machine.

When the vm came back up, I noticed that when I opened the “Machine>Settings” window from the vm’s virtualbox menu bar I could then move and resize the vm window, which scaled properly. When the settings window was closed, the vm window could not be resized or moved.

Now, I don’t know if the guest additions software made the difference or if I just noticed that the vm window could be resized when the machine settings window was open.

Maybe this will help and not be too confusing.

Good luck!

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