VisualVM unsolicited install

An application called 'VisualVM' found its way onto my system through an update and without my explicit command to install.

It also installed a shipload of dependencies, it didn't follow theming (just like snaps or other self containe(re)d packages don't) but was a normal deb and as icing on the cake, it had the nerve q.c. brutality to shove an ms-windows styled EULA in my face.
(okay, it was the GPL but in an EULA "i agree" window)

Does anyone know what this is about ?

EDIT: I see it is marked as a dependency of openjdk (several versions)
I wonder why it installed just now and not sooner. :thinking:

All part of the New Microsoft / Ubuntu merger soon to be renamed to Microsoft Jammy. :grinning:

Really should be other way around on dependencies. If you have or want VisualVm only then the dependencies should require openjdk. Not installing rubbish not wanted by a user. I don't want a

All-in-One Java Troubleshooting Tool

Same reason dumped indicator datetime and all its Evolution dependencies. Standard clock is excellent.

Removed flatpak updates without command unannounced in background.
Zeitgeist not needed for me
Disabled recent documents
tracker-miner-fs working on computer and fan came on and checking processes this was running at full tilt. Scared thougth it was a crypto miner at first. Removed problem solved.
Won't have any control once MS takes full control.
Just my preferences and use case not for everyone.

That looks like the same type of cleaning up that I usually do, especially on underpowered systems.

Those nifty services may fullfill a need for someone,
but it just doesn't add any value to my computer usage.

More or less like one reddit reader wrote:

try to index context, which is great, as no human has ever been able to make a functional system that could index things called "files" - it has always been only some types of files, and choking or giving false hope on types it can't handle.

Besides, I'm not really a big fan of software that accumulates statistical data behind my back about my computer usage. I rather keep myself to myself.

at least we don't have 'strigi' or 'nepomuk' :wink:

I'm lucky was feeling frisky and was going to see if I could uninstall it. Found can't because I am using jre and it is not instlled. But checking dependencies on my UM22.04 it shows VisualVm as a suggests for openjdk. Back to watching YouTube videos. :grinning:

Hi @tkn
Have no idea what jdk is used for and judging by dependencies it does not depend on VisualVM therefore is it possible some program you might be using that uses jdk put in a call for it?
Back to YouTube

Edit: I know the jdk description and am using jre runtimes for my TV Browser and I believe LibreOffice Base (long time ago thought it was required and installed)

I have openjdk-jre installed, it installed as a dependency of libreoffice and some other tools some years ago.

That's why I am a bit surprised to find, very recently, immediately after an update, a new independent application in my menu which slaps an EULA in my face the moment I click it.

I don't have APT::Install-Suggests in any file under /etc/apt so the install of VirtualVM felt rather pushy. :thinking:

That's actually the core of my question: What is up with it?

By the way, I don't even know my way around in JAVA :face_with_spiral_eyes: