Vivaldi/Chrome Browser/Netfilx and Welcome Centet Software

In the Software portion of the Welcome Center. The description of Chrome Browser states that it is the only browser that support Netflix, but Vivaldi also supports Netflix as well. It’s been a wonderful experience without any issues so far.

I have no idea why this bothers me other then for my love of Vivaldi.


Wow, thats a nice find. How is Netflix installed?

I installed Vivaldi via the Welcome Software sources, and just went to and went with it. Been watching since I installed 16.04 on my system.

I think Vivaldi can only play Netflix if Google Chrome is installed. That is how it used to be, but I’m happy to be proven wrong.

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A guide anyone?:

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I am now very disappointed. As soon as I removed Chrome. Netflix no longer worked due to the Widevinecdm component. The guide below works, but I was really excited to see it work out of the box. Onto the Viviladi forums I go to see if I can get this resolved somehow.

Looks like you can now watch Netflix without needing Google Chrome anymore. This script extracts the DRM component it needs for use in Vivaldi and Chromium: