VLC full-screen problem with Intel hardware

I am trying to play AVI videos and ISO files with VLC 2.2.2.
This is a new home theater PC I built based on ASrock mini-itx motherboard with i3 6100 processor using the built-in graphics. Everything runs great except for
VLC which will not play in full-screen. Actually it will play in full-screen
but the video plays in a window inside of a blue background. If you try to
click on any of the menu items or right-click in the window the relevant item
opens behind the video.

I have never seen anything like this before with VLC. This
is mate version 16.04. Strangely enough another machine that I built with AMD
parts all other things being equal works just fine! I thought it would be the
other way around. It is using the open source drivers for the on board and the
graphics and the Intel drivers for the i3.

Kodi plays the videos just right. I am not used to this sort
of behavior with VLC.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Hi, @Shorty. I had some VLC issues with my nViidia graphics. In general, I’ve found Intel is usually quite good. My issues were not only full-screen, however.

The key for me is In Preferences under Video and the setting for Output.

I believe it defaults to Automatic but apparently makes bad choices in my case. I had the best luck with ones that say (XCB) but you may find something totally different.

Another important note is you must close VLC and restart it to see changes. Try a few and see if anything helps and be aware some may not work at all.

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Thanks for the reply Bill.

When I tried OpenGL GLX video output (XBC) it behaved
perfectly. I tried several others without success but when I went to about one
everything worked perfectly. It’s strange because I have used VLC player on so
many different builds and operating systems without a hiccup.

While we are at it do you think that the integrated Intel HD
Graphics 530 is sufficient to run some of the advanced compiz effects? I
suppose I will just try it but the machine is running so good I hate to mess
with perfection.

Great! Graphics is one of those things where the technology is so competitive and changing, I’ve stopped trying to even keep up with the lingo. :confused:

About Intel on Linux - compatibility and performance are 2 different things, of course. But heck,the Ubuntu-Mate folks have really gotten compiz about as good as it’s ever been for ease of use - I’d give it a try and see.

Might be related to this? Dell OptiPlex 7440 AIO (Skylake) graphics bug
Other Skylake CPU, though not the same model. Same graphics.