VLC keeps crashing when playing videos on a Raspberry Pi 4

Hello. I've been trying to set up a Raspberry Pi 4 4GB for displaying a playlist of looping videos that are in 1080P. I've been using VLC and it works fantastically... That is until it freezes at roughly 30 minutes to 4 hours of looping the same videos, forcing me to Ctrl + Alt + Delete and exiting out of VLC. I've tried different output settings and tried all the recommended things online to no luck. The Raspberry Pi does have some heat sinks (on top of the hotter chips) and a fan as well to try and not get it too hot. I do understand that this forum is mostly just for Ubuntu Mate issues and not for third party software but admittedly, I've never had an issue similar to this one when I tried to use VLC on other distros or platforms. Other than that, I've had little to no problems with Ubuntu Mate. :slight_smile:

Links to things I've tried:

Hi :slight_smile:
For playing some videos and showing some pics I can advise you to use screenly OSE :

I got to display some ads of my company on a huge TV located at one of my company doors and this done the work running on a RPi3 B+. You can also manage it with a web page (upload and configure your content to be dispalyed)

Hey, thank you so much! I'll check it out ASAP. Are there any tutorials or guides on how to use it? :slight_smile:

Easy to use :slight_smile:
Install it exactly like a RaspBian on the SDcard, next only configure the network, get over HTTPS to it and manage your content.

Unfortunately I never got it to work at all. Apparently it's not entirely supported on the RSP 4. Plus I don't even know if it would work on two monitors. I tried several other things including trying to run an AppImage for ARM of an app called Play Signage to no avail.

I had the same issue and all I did was change video output to X11video output (XCB).