VLC Menu options hidden during video playback

I can start VLC by clicking on a video file

However I am unable to right click on the video itself

The right click function is working however as when I right click on a black space around the video I can see some of the right click menu, however most of the menu is covered by the video itself.

The video also hides my Applications, Places and System drop down menus.

Has anyone else ever had this issue?

(running Ubuntu MATE 15.10)


I tried to take a screenshot of my issue however the video is not showing up on the screenshot png.
just a black screen in the VLC window

Is your system fully up-to-date?:

My system is fully up to date however the issue is still there

I’ve always tried manually upgrading the kernel but the problem is still

Change your software sources download location to another server and run an update again, that may solve the problem!. :smiley:

You have to switch of hardware acceleration on Menu "Video". See Screenshot.
I dont know why, but this works for me, in which i thought my new pc (Intel i5 6500) is supporting it.


Yes this works! Thank you very much Etamuk :smiley:

Also an i5 here but 6200U

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This not only solved the problem of hiding the menus but it also fixed another one where the video was not scaling properly when in fullscreen! Thanks a lot!

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