VLC problems with 20.04

I'm having problems with VLC in 20.04.

When installed using "apt install" after the first double clicked video it will no longer function. By that I mean it will not play any further videos whether I "Open with VLC", double click or invoke it with the menu.

When installed as a snap it seems to work except every time I play a video I get a new icon on the upper panel (see screen shot).

Does anyone know how to fix either problem? I prefer the non snap version (old way) but if I have to use snap, well, OK. Why is it showing up in the upper panel? Can I stop that behavior?


For icon you can try in player Tools / Preferences and uncheck Show systray icon. Have seen something similar on my system. Seems like once in awhile VLC doesn't close properly and I had to kill in System Monitor. Just guesses.

Thanks mendy. That did it. I didn't even think to check the VLC settings.

I'll have to try the non-snap version and see how that goes.

Thanks again!