VLC - video no audio since last update

Since last major update I have no sound on videos
I tried many options in the preferences
I’ve searched the web fro answers
Now coming here in case one has an answer
VLC 3.0.0 on UM 17.10

Just discovered that some videos (recent) that did produced sound before the update do not any more, BUT that older videos that were running fine and running with both image and sound… weird. Files corrupted ? How can I check that?


Hi Watford,

try a different player first to see if the files you suspect as being corrupted are indeed as such!.

Do you have all the codecs packs installed?, check in Welcome:

Did all that. Codecs were/are right. Don’t know if I should download from other sources.

But the weird thing is that after restart this morning… I tried a video and it works ! How and why? Can’t say. Lets see if it stays that way… It didn’t work for a while and over multiple restart before…


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it may have been a new update that solved it for you, keep an eye on it and I will mark as solved unless you have anything against that!. :smiley: