VM Disk Size Exceded After Upgrade

After running updates on Mate 20.04, the updates caused the VM disk size to be exceeded. I was able to go into the VM and adjust the guest OS disk size using the Disk utility but now when I am at the login screen, I put in my password and hit enter, the screen flashes a few times but ends up back at the login screen, never getting to the desktop. Still new to Linux, Is there a way to look at or adjust the guest VM size without the VM running?


Ok, I am currently able to get to the desktop and looking at the Disk utility. It appears that the resize did not work/complete. I noticed that when I clicked on the Resize button in the Disk utility, there was no indication that the resize was working, I may have closed it too soon inadvertently. Once I click on the Resize button, how do I know that the resize process is complete?


Am able to access the VM now. Deleted some files to free up some space. However, when resizing the disk, using 30GB, available 86GB, I get this error.
Disk Resize Error
It says, "Error resizing partition /dev/sda5: Failed to set partition size on device/sda" (Can't have overlapping partitions). Not sure what I need to do to resize this partition. There's an sda, sda1, 2 and 5.

Not sure what I need to do to resize this partition.

If you live in an appartment and you want more space, you can't shift the walls because they would end op on your neighbours property.

That is exactly what happened here and what the system is telling you:
You enlarge the partition on a system that is already fully partitioned.
result: Your partition is now partly on the premises of another partition.

What to do:
if you want to enlarge the partition, make room first (by, for instance, shrinking another partition)

If this disk that you are talking about is a virtual disk then at least try to enlarge that complete virtual disk in your VM host before repartitioning.

If you can't enlarge the virtual disk (which probably is a file on a host partion on a real disk) because that host partition is full, enlarge that host partition first before enlarging the virtual disk.

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Sorry for late reply but have been indisposed.

Thanks for the analogy, that helped.

Enlarged the partition on the Virtual disk, that did the trick.

Thanks again