VNC password recover

Hi There,

I setup a VNC a while ago , but can’t remember the password.

I tried vncpasswd and tightvncpasswd but even the new password is not accepted.

I can’t remember what VNC serve I installed, I’m guessing tightvncserver

Many thanks in advance

Ok I must have two different VNC server, when I connect with a another port I can pass the login but then I only have a grey screen with a cross and no desktop

i don’t know if the password is stored as a hash or not. but it is binary-cryptic looking and hash is very common for this, so i assume it is. if it is then the clear password can only be re-acquired by the brute-force method (try trillions an trillions of possible password encodings). you’re better off just setting a whole new password. or if you have ssh login on both client and server, you can cheat and copy the encoded/encrypted/hashed/binary password file. that’s how i got vncviewer to establish a VNC session.

a gray screen made of black and white pixels means that VNC server has no X clients exposing any window contents (probably no open client windows). maybe MATE failed to start on that server. any log file(s) in the “.vnc” subdirectory where you started VNC there?

Ok that would make sense , I don't really use the user interface, so it's probably not logged, I usually use SSH but I though starting VNC would automatically log in an user, but now that I'm thinking about this, It's sure won't.

Will login with a user when have time and try, many thanks.

i’m working on trying to get MATE running Xtightvnc vncserver on an AWS EC2 cloud instance with an Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS image as a starting point. it works on my laptop running the same versions, so for me it’s an issue of configuration and/or packages like needed X stuff.