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I have recently moved over to Ubuntu Mate from Debian. I am fairly new to linux. When I click on the speaker to change my audio volume, the setting is inverted, to raise the volume I have to scroll wheel down and to lower the volume, I have to scroll wheel up. I do not like this as I am not used to it, my debian and mint setups were different.

saying that, If I go to sound settings in the same drop down menu, the scrolling goes to normal.

So my question is, how to I change this to where if I click the speaker icon in my panel, I can scroll up to make the volume raise and scroll down to lower the volume, like the default in Debian and Mint.


Hello and welcome! The reason it's different is because Ubuntu MATE ships with the indicator version, whereas you may have previously used the traditional applet. See a comparison here:

As a temporary "workaround", you can scroll over the volume icon without opening the menu - which will change the volume in the direction as expected.

It's a bug which has been already reported. If you have Launchpad, mark yourself as "This affects me too":


The alternate is to swap the applet version for the indicator, which I'm not too sure on how to do. Another alternate is to replace the volume applet with pnmixer, which I haven't tried:

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4 years later, this bug hasn't been fixed?

Worse, it seems that the applet lowers the volume with the scrollwheel, but will NOT let it be raised. Lower it to zero, its stuck there until you manually raise it by dragging the slider.
Even WORSE, it "mutes" the volume at 0, and I have to manually open the sound control and uncheck the mute option to re-enable it)

(YES, the scrollwheell itself works fine both directions in every other app)

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Welcome @megamega to the community!

Hi Dave,

I checked this, and on my machine (Ubuntu-MATE 22.04 LTS) (EDIT: also tested this on 23.04) it doesn't act up that way.
I have the inverted slider, but that is it. Everything else works like it should.

It is very important that you file a bug now !

This, because it turns out that not everyone is (or only some are) hit by this bug and therefor there is a big chance that the developers are, just like me, also not hit by that bug so they are probably completely unaware that this bug exists.

Make yourself heard on launchpad here:

Oh, and another thing: clicking on the scrollwheel toggles mute/unmute on UbuntuMATE 22.04 LTS (not on 23.04)

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