VPN issues on subsequent connections

I use Private Internet Access. It is used with OpenVPN. I have had no issues since installing back in April 2016 until recently.

Issue 1: After a fresh reboot, no problem connecting and using VPN. However, after disconnecting my initial VPN connection, I am still able to connect to a new VPN connection, but there is no connectivity. I verified it is a DNS issue as I am able to navigate using IP numbers. If I reboot PC or restart network services, VPN will work properly again for one connection. The same problem exists with recurring connections.

Issue 2: Under “VPN Connections”, “Disconnect VPN”has been removed.

Issue 3: Under “VPN Connections”, “Configure VPN” is greyed out and no longer available.

Issue 2&3 came after an update. I am not sure when issue 1 started or if it is related to the other two. Are there any recommendations to troubleshoot or resolve issue 1?

Been Googling for an answer. It seems to be a known bug.


My work around was deleting the etc/resolv.conf symbolic link and creating a resolv.conf with DNS servers of my choice. The ironic part is the work around was breaking my fix back in What DNS am I using? Can I change it?


Recent updates have cleared the verified bug that created issue 1. I am now able to restore etc/resolv.conf as a symbolic link. However, issue 2 & 3 still exist.