[Wallpaper] A Dawn Gift (Xenial Xerus)

If wanted, this wallpaper is 'Licensed CC-BY-SA' (In other words, I made it specifically for Ubuntu MATE 16.04, and it has appeared nowhere else on the web or in print). Basically I made it today!

Xenial - Hospitable, especially to visiting strangers or foreigners
Xerus - African ground squirrel

Therefore, hospitable ground squirrel theme to this one :slightly_smiling:



Love it! :heart_eyes: Great job, it beautifully captures the meaning behind Xenial Xerus. Have you got a name for the wallpaper?

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A name for it? Hmmm… how about ‘A dawn gift’?


Simply brilliant :slight_smile: Thanks so much.


Not a problem :slight_smile: Sorry it was late (again!)

Upload filed.

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Big thanks mate. Last time I promised I’d submit earlier, but failed to, so yeah, big thanks :slight_smile:

Hi what you used over there, gimp or Inkscape, If Inkscape can you share the svg?

This has made it in time for 16.04 Beta 1 :grinning:

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I used Inkscape, but i’m not prepared to give out the svg, sorry.

Thanks, It’s okay to be protective for your work, anyhow great wall!!! :smile:

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