Wallpaper NITROGEN help

hi ya!

very new to ubuntu…and linux in general. i have the latest ubuntu mate. I downloaded nitrogen to change wallpapers on dual screens. everytime i try to change it, nothing happens. the old wall paper is still there. but when i turn off my system, i see a glimpse of the wall papers i changed. da fvck?!?

anyways, what am i missing here? does nitrogen work with ubuntu mate? if it doesn’t, can anyone recommend good wallpaper program that i can have diff wallpapers on my duel screens?


By default caja manages the background .In order for nitrogen to work you should disable caja background draw . You can do with this command : gsettings set org.mate.background draw-background false


i copied and paste ur command into my terminal, it did nothing… :frowning:

Yes it did . It turned off caja background draw …

well, i copied n paste ur command into the terminal. i opened up nitrogen and tired to change back around with it. still, my background doesnt change. is something supposed to happen in the terminal if i put the command in? usually the terminal ask for approval or press y/n or ask for my password to change or install stuff. it must be at my end somewhere because im pretty sure that command line works. …would compiz config have anything to do with it? i hear it can be buggy sometimes…

ok…this is what i did to fix the issue. under MATE tweak, on the “desktop” tab i unchecked the “show desktop icons” . now i can use nitrogen to change wallpapers, but now i cant have any folders on my desktop. i like having my home folder on my desktop. now when i try to copy my home folder to the desktop it gives me a error

The folder “dconf” cannot be handled because you do not have permissions to read it.

guess i cant have everything. i guess i just have to make due n work around it…

thanks for ur help IvCHo

You should try the program Variety, from the Software Boutique