[Wallpaper] The MATErix

Enter... the mate-rix!

1920 x 1280 pixels

:camera: I'm no graphics artist by any means, just something I created a while ago and decided to share. Created in GIMP.


Interesting!, is your name Neo?. :smiley:

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Yes, yes it is. Living in both a virtual reality and real world, which world is this? :wink:

:grin: No, not really. I think the matrix effect looks pretty cool and "code-y".

:computer: Fun tip! The package cmatrix produces the matrix in the terminal.


That is very nice :smiley:

@lah7 Can I CC license this for inclusion in 16.04?

@Wimpy Sure! If you need the source XCF, I can send that to you. :slight_smile:

I like it! Do you have a version with black/dark green background only?

Just the background @amachini? It’s simply a black background with 3 circular green gradients from the bottom left, middle and right corner.

Nice wallpaper.

TY. :wink:

N :slight_smile:

That’s really good, Luke. I like your profile picture, too!


This is awesome! How did you do it?

I used a ASCII converter, put in the Ubuntu MATE logo, cmatrix for the matrix effect and then some GIMP manipulation. :wink:


I found this one whilst searching images on Google. This is definitely one of my favourite Mate wallpapers. Thanks Mate :wink:

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Is the pic in 16.04 yet @Wimpy?. :smiley:

It was added since Alpha 2. :camera:

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I found it @lah7, it was showing in the backgrounds list as a very dark pic and I thought it was a blank desktop pic!:

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Let’s get Keanu Reeves to try GNU/Linux. :wink:



Thanks for the awesome wall and in all these years using Linux, I’ve never heard of cmatrix… It’s massive cool!



How download it? :roll_eyes:

  • click on the image in the first post to enlarge it
  • right click on the image
  • select "Save image as.." from the pop-up menu
  • select the folder you want to save the image to
  • click "Save" in the "Save image..." dialog box

It's also available in the ubuntu-mate-wallpapers-xenial package:

sudo apt install ubuntu-mate-wallpapers-xenial