Wallpaper with a penguin


Hi there everyone.

It`been a long time since I posted anything, but today I've been working on a new wallpaper

As always it's made with blender. The resolution is 1680x1050. If you like it and you need another res, just ask.

Have a nice day. Bye.


Hey this is great :smiley: Is there any chance you could to a 1920x1080 file?

(I wish there were more 1680x1050 monitors, it a brilliant ratio for workstations, my old Samsung T220 was a trooper…)


Nice wallpaper! Thanks!


Haha, I like how the penguin is glancing innocently at me. :smiley:


I just want to grab at an imaginary controller and make it jump right and then run around the UM logo. ^^


very nice, thanks…!


Hi and thanks for your kind comments.

This is the 1920x1080 version you asked for.

Hope you like it.



You are wellcome, glad you like it.




I first made it without the penguin but looked a bit empty. The Penguin staring at the user was the thing it needed.



Maybe in the next realeases of UM … :wink:


Hey that’s brilliant! Thanks for responding to the request, - love the textures on your work, especially the logo! Keep up the great work :smiley: