WANTED : Programmer to Write Macros for LibreOffice Calc

I want to hire someone to write some macros for my use in LibreOffice Calc running on Ubuntu MATE Linux 19.1. I think my computers need to have a Java runtime installed in order to run these macros. I seem to damage my system when I install Java. My computers do not have hard drives. They run on Ubuntu MATE installed on a USB memory stick. I could provide a clone of these memory sticks. They contain only the Operating System with only a printer installed and some customization. All my data is contained on separate USB memory sticks.

I will give you the details of what I need so you can quote a price, but before I develop that detail I want to be sure I have found a correct person to do this work and that I can afford it.

One example of a macro I need written would be used as a "sub macro" in a LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet which I have developed to keep the financial records for my church. I need to strip the formulas from a small specified sections of the spreadsheet and leave only the presently calculated values. Once the section is selected this can be done by:

  1. Copying the section with Control C.

  2. Pasting this back on the section with Shift Control V, specifying to only paste values, etc, WITHOUT formulas.

Another subroutine I need is merely to go to a particular location specified in a cell, Such as “BJ12”. That cell would contain a location based on on other information in the spreadsheet.

I do not know how to connect these submacros together, and may not be able to learn. I can work on the terminal, but only if I can copy the code. I am old and can not type correctly. It is now impossible for me to type more than a few keystrokes without making errors.

I could send you the spreadsheets I have developed and give you specific tasks which I need to have automated. I use these without needing these macros, but I need to turn this work over to other people who think what I do is too complicated. It would also spare me the requirement of carefully repeating this work periodically and avoiding making mistakes.

I look forward to working with someone on this project.

Thanks for any offers or suggestions of programmers who will do this work!

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