Wayland in Ubuntu Mate and Happy New Year! 🎈

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now, that UM 16.10 is on GTK+ 3 only, I was wondering if there will be a chance that Ubuntu Mate runs on Wayland soon? I was honestly impressed by the Gnome 3 Wayland session, while I do not like Gnome 3 interface, everything felt so smooth. And the best thing for an Nvidia Optimus sufferer, there is absolutely no tearing under Wayland, everything is butter smooth.
Additionally as an occasional gamer I would love to see games natively on UM + Wayland + Vulcan (what great combination, eh :heart_eyes:?)

Happy new year, you are an awesome community! :fireworks:


Hello ! Happy new year to you too . According to the mate wiki wayland support is dropped for future release [see http://wiki.mate-desktop.org/roadmap for details about mate development status ] . I would also like to see Mate to run on Wayland . For games to run under wayland they have to be ported since most games depend on xinput to run [ a X library ] . I tried running minetest with xwayland protocol [ layer for x apps to run on wayland ] but the controlls were messed up , so xwayland is not alternative for games . And I don’t know much about vulcan api .


According to the link you shared, proposed wayland support is not dropped.

My statement declares that “wayland is dropped for future releases” . Not dropped entirely .

I am guessing UM will support Mir as Ubuntu is going to be supporting Mir soon.

We’ll have to see what Wimpy says but that’s my guess.

But if you would take a glance at the Mate website you will find this under the roadmap for future releases:

With the pause of Ubuntu Touch (:disappointed_relieved: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2017/01/ubuntu-phone-ota-15-ditched) I wonder if there still is a reason to develop Mir anyway or if they would rather switch to Wayland, which is already in productive use.


Mate desktop plans to support Wayland and i assume whatever road Mate will take, Ubuntu MATE will follow :relaxed:
So I guess Mir will stay a feature that is exclusively used by Canonical’s Unity desktop. Imho canonical should have stayed with Wayland in the first place :unamused:


I am sad that Ubuntu Touch will no longer be supported , and also that they work with microsoft.

Ubuntu Touch hasn't been continued, see this article which clarifies things:


Yes, I had read the article too and wanted to edit my post, but you were faster :slight_smile: Sorry for my irritating post. I will edit it now.

The problem is I already own the Aquaris E5 Ubuntu Edition and this particular phone is very unlikely to get any non-security related updates in the future:

But big new shiny features, capabilities or other mobile-specific improvements are unlikely to come anytime soon, and for the earliest Ubuntu Phones, possibly never.

And this is indeed sad for me, because I was using ubuntu phone as my daily driver (and that pretty well actually). Maybe if there will be a new one, snappy with a solid base of good core apps I can come back.

It would be great to have a pure Linux phone with stability, security and good working core apps, that is all I need :wink:


Hello guys, wayland seems to be the way to go for operating systems that use linux, I do not see it wrong, Fedora already has it by default and the others are developing it. Ubuntu fights for Mir, it should be that they see it possible and safe, I have read that snaps packages are not safe with Xorg. As I am not a developer or computer I have to leave it as probable, Ubuntu phone is a dream of who likes our operating system, I had the Bq 4.5, the system was very unstable and basic, I did not mind that it was basic, if it has calls , a good browser and music player,it is perfect for me, I really liked how it interacts with the screen, original and beautiful, what I detested was having to raise your finger to the top of the phone to back screen or stop, that is a big mistake that I do not know if they will have solved, in a phone the buttons have to be down, a cell phone is not a computer, in the end I switched to Android. Hopefully they will improve it a lot because I would like to have another one that works better, it looks like it will no longer continue with android base to change later to core desktop, I guess you will have more RAM, kde has its own phone development with Wayland and I liked it a lot, I imagine Ubuntu phone Mate, I just imagine, hahaha. Although putting the Mutiny interface to the ubuntu phone would be great, so the apps would be placed by categories, greetings …

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I hope Plasma Mobile does not go down like Plasma Active :smiley: Pretty nice by the way .