"we need documentation/help maintainers"


please refer to this> https://github.com/mate-desktop/mate-applets/pull/354#issuecomment-427047599

I am an avid Mate user. … I prefer Debian Mate, but that is off point.

I view the Mate Website and I don’t find any Basic User Guide… ( https://mate-desktop.org/ )
many folks try Mate and (depending on the distro) think Mate is the same as Cinnamon or something else (first impressions) and don’t realize the power and functionality… they just think Mate is “lightweight” for old low resource computers.

Sorry, probably preaching to the choir.

We Mate enthusiasts need to step up to the plate and get some Basic How To Guides going to help out the developers.

This is the only site I have found that appears to be Mate Specific… so I am jumping in. Forgive me if I am being redundant … noobs are like that :wink:

My best, Peter


Hi mexsudo, I can’t make any promises, but I am more of a writer than a coder (doing BizTalk as work and having obtained an English degree). What would you like to see most in documentation? A bit of marketing as well or plain information?


I am not a coder, probably too old to learn.

To my point of view We need some beginner user guide of some sort, and get it on the Mate website.
Simple examples of the panel(s), and how to arrange them.
Examples of the add-ons to the panels, and how to configure them.
Menus: including Brisk we now have Four… noobs to Mate are usually unaware.

A web page type setup with snapshots is my vision.
I have search high and low, but little is to be found on the web.
Most of what I know now is just from my long use of Gnome2 and now Mate.

I hate to evangelize, but I hate to see Mate dismissed as “Cinnamon Lite” even more.

Many years ago I could author simple web pages, but that world has passed me by.

PS: the Mate developers have a great start at the nuts and bolts already, but we need something more Basic, for the noobs.


There are 3-4 ubuntu mate beginners guide on the web . Maybe someone can edit them to be only mate guide.


can you provide a link? thanks


On thing Mate is not is “cinnamon Lite”. In terms of customization is it far superior to Cinnamon in my opinion. And, for me, customisability is everything. I just can;t stand it when devs start to make workflow and aesthetic choices for me.


I agree with Cinnamon being vastly different. If there are 3-4 beginner guides already, it’ll be difficult to improve them. Maybe add the viewpoint how MATE has reinvigorated Gnome two? I liked Xfce a bit more in the past, but Mate has made me a convert.


Like i did have a conversation with @vkareh. The Mate documentation is old. (Especially when we see xubuntu documentation that is top notch). We need users that have the time to update and improve all the documentation available on this site. I like these types of conversations so let’s keep the ball rolling.


I signed up on Transifex for translation work, but I’ve been quite busy for the last month couple of months with my thesis work and exams. I started translating though… I hope to finish that in a day or two…

Regarding the documentation, can you explain how I can contribute?:slight_smile:


Sorry, I don’t really know where to begin.

I follow Mate on Gethub, just out of curiosity https://github.com/mate-desktop

monsta made a comment “I agree - we need documentation/help maintainers.”

we have package mate-user-guide “User documentation for MATE Desktop Environment”
that documentation is not readily available… I can’t find it in the menus

the common Users should be able to provide some input and enhance whatever is out there


@monsta look up my friend!


Good news, a couple people have stepped forward.
Kudos for both!