Web camera in ubuntu system is not working

My ubuntu system is 18.04 and my system has web camera and when i try to launch it shows the below commands in my command terminal.

How to fix this issue.

(cheese:19176): GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: 12:40:28.361: g_settings_set_value: key 'camera' in 'org.gnome.Cheese' expects type 's', but a GVariant of type '(null)' was given

(cheese:19176): GLib-CRITICAL **: 12:40:28.361: g_variant_unref: assertion 'value != NULL' failed

** (cheese:19176): CRITICAL **: 12:40:28.361: cheese_preferences_dialog_setup_resolutions_for_device: assertion 'device != NULL' failed

Maybe upgrade to ubuntu-mate 20.04 which has a newer version of cheese which may solve the problem.

Ubuntu-mate 18.04 lts went out of support in April 2021.

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Thanks for sharing.

But any other ways is there to overcome this issue

Try filling a bug on Launchpad. Ubuntu MATE in Launchpad.

Also, did your webcam work before?