Web/Documentation Kanban Board

Hello, all! We once again have a Kanban board for Web and Documentation projects, which tells us what need to be done next (with URGENT and IMPORTANT for vital tasks), what's in progress, what's finished (woot!), what's fallen behind (eeep), and our roadmap and future goals. The board is conveniently part of our GitHub repository:

If you have any questions about using GitHub Projects (it lacks some of Trello's functionality, but we can integrate it with PRs - and non-free Trello is expensive!), please reply here.

If you want to claim a task, click the 'kebab menu' (the three dots) in the corner of the card. Click on 'edit' and add your name to the bottom. DO NOT delete cards, please! If you don't have access, simply reply to this thread and let me know what task you're interested in.

Can't wait to see those little green squares in everyone's GitHub activity soon!