Webex application problems

To be clear - I'm helping a disabled, housebound 70-ish friend whose PC has U/M 20.04.5 courtesy of yours truly.

He had not used the Webex desktop app in a while, and contacted me asking for help when it would not open/run anymore.

I tried opening it remotely with the same vacant results - either as his user or as admin.

The DEB comes from here:

I installed the latest version & it still did...nothing.

The command to open it is:
/opt/Webex/bin/CiscoCollabHost %U

Tried that via terminal to see if any additional info came, and none did.

Did some open searching & the results that I found either pertained to the older/limited method to use it via browser, or info for ~V16.04.

The Cisco 'help' pages were also quite useless.

Might anyone here have experience with getting this to open & run correctly, please ??

Thanks for any helpful replies !!