Website Appearance

The site is difficult for me to read due to contrast/font size.
Pls consider a change that includes Contrast Ratio suggestions
Thank You!.

Welcome, @222fbj. :open_hands: :mate:

First, let me straighten something out, just so nobody can accuse me of overlooking the (possibly) obvious: The Web site is not the Ubuntu MATE Web site, and thus many of us over at the Ubuntu MATE project have little control over that Web site's design. However, it is still valid to bring this subject up here on the Ubuntu MATE forum, since some of us are also affiliated with the MATE project itself. I know I've contributed to MATE a few times in the past, and there's a whole list of others who have too.

With that aside, I do agree that there's a lot left to be desired regarding the MATE Web site. To give just one example, the links are such a washed-out green color (clearly to imitate the leaves of the yerba mate plant), that they can barely be distinguished from the white background of the page unless you squint. I agree that, at the very least, the links should be made a darker green.

(One thing that I'll point out is that links on this forum are a substantially dark green, certainly conformant to the W3C spec listed above -- a big round of applause to the theme designer(s) here is in order! :clap:)

Unfortunately, posting about the issue here isn't likely to get the issue in front of the people who are best suited to handling this problem. I could make the change myself and submit my changes to the maintainers, but honestly I've already overcommit myself right now and can't spare much time. I do, however, encourage starting an issue on the MATE Web site repository itself:

If you post an issue there, then the MATE team themselves will notice the issue, and chances are they'll either act on it or, at least, tell you why they disagree. Don't get discouraged if they don't immediately reply -- they're busy people and they've been known to take weeks to respond to issues, though if you wait 4 or more weeks and there's still no reply, then chances are you're being ignored.

Good luck!


Thanks for the reply and suggestion.
I created an issue at


Thanks for submitting the issue and welcome to the community.