Weird clear bar across screen when scrolling

Ubuntu Mate 16.04
Lenovo t460s

When scrolling in both firefox and chrome, as well as scrolling in games, there's a weird clear distortion bar across the middle of the lower half of the screen. Does it both on laptop screen and when plugged into an external monitor. Restarting doesn't fix. I feel like a bug hunter, this is kinda fun!

I rotated the photo so you could better see the bar across the screen. It only becomes visible when scrolling.

The problem you have is called screen tearing. I just installed Ubuntu Mate this week and had this problem also. I found an explanation here.

For my part the solution found here solved the problem for me, because I have a recent Nvidia graphics card. I saw also other solutions also on the net that involved playing with the configuration of the window manager.

Hope this helps you.


Another possibility

You can also try compton compositing manager or switch your window manager to compiz. Both can also fix tearing and are located in Mate-Tweak tool.


I changed the window manager to compton and it’s greatly improved. Pretty much resolved the issue for me thank you guys!

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Thank you!

This resolved some tearing issues I had with Chrome. :slight_smile: