Weird sound issue with HDMI connection

I hadn’t messed with my pi3 for awhile so I plugged it in and updated it. While I was updating I watched a video in smplayer. It worked fie, sound and everything I restarted after hte update and discovered I had no sound in any program, So I went into config and uncommented hdmi_drive=2 and restarted and I had sound in vlc, smplayer and gnome mplayer. However, Audacious stutters, and omxplayer won’t play mp3s at all, and plays video with no sound. SOud settings show I’m using AKSA analog sound output, even though Im on an HDMI connection.

I havent purchased the codecs for this machine yet. Thats the only hangup I can think of.

Running 16.04.

it could be that the software had updated to use a kernel package that isn't on your version, so maybe see if you could find an older version of said software that still used your kernel.