Weird things in the Devices section - Caja

There are now 4 new entries in the devices entries as shown below. If I mount them it has the following files in it. My question is how to get rid of them and are those files that are displayed in the Caja window are the actual files from the file system?
Screenshot at 2023-03-23 07-35-46

any help is always really appreciated (as usual!)

Are you saying you don't know what these volumes are?

What do they look like in Disks?

"There are now 4 new entries..." "Now" since what?

Looks like a normal caja display with 4 partitions (unlabeled) on an external device ("disk"), mounted. Since it is automounting under /media, I'd guess a USB or SD card interface. The 122MB partition has an Linux looking filesystem on it, at least from the names, though /meta and /writable are odd.

Brian, I recall a similar question some time ago where the disks showed as 122MB Volume instead of their respective names and you figured out what the issue was.