Weird video issue in 18.04 (Nvidia)

Anyone else having any issues with video under an Nvidia card? The weird experience I am seeing is when my desktop has gone to sleep and I wake it up, the screen doesn't refresh properly, it's a completely black, blank screen. But, I can move windows that are already open and the screen will refresh. See the screenshot I have include, if it helps.

I have the Nvidia 970 with OEM 390 drivers.

Hi @t3kg33k,

have you tried the drivers provided by Ubuntu?:

Have you done all your updates which may also help?:

I hope it helps!.

Yes, thanks. The driver is selected.

Hi @t3kg33k,

try changing your software sources download location to the “Main server” (if not already set) and run updates again, check the update guide above for more info if you don’t know how to do it. :smiley:

I changed it to “Main server” but no updates are available.
Is this supposed to ensure I get an updated Nvidia driver when available?

Yes it is but if it is only happening when coming out of sleep, it may well not help you at all?. I don’t use such things as suspend or hibernate because they have long caused problems in Ubuntu!. One of those things they have never really got working correctly?. :smiley:

Really? I never had an issue in Ubuntu Mate 16.04/16.10. My machine would always go to sleep and wake up without any issues.

Hi @t3kg33k,

you have a problem coming out of sleep now!, that is what I meant by “Problems”!. :smiley: